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Deposit a cheque with your phone

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How to deposit a cheque with your phone

Deposit cheques from wherever you (and your smartphone) are. With this easy to follow step-by-step guide, you’ll be ready to deposit in no time.

Tips for homeowners

Advice for your home ownership journey

Already signed on the dotted line? Find tips and tricks about renovations, home maintenance, and financing in the articles below.


Looking to renovate?

Renos don’t have to be stressful. Keep reading for more info on financing options, so all you’ll have to worry about is finding the perfect tile or paint colour.

Home Financing

The real home financing cost checklist

This detailed checklist will help you keep track of all the extra costs that sneak up (and add up!) when buying a home.

Home Maintenance

Tips for maintaining your home

Homeownership, where maintenance is a year-round job. Be prepared for every season, and the changes they bring to your home and your budget.

Saving & retirement tips

Long-term goals need long-term plans

From school to retirement and all the life steps in between, here are some tips and tricks to get you started on your saving and investing strategy.

Saving & investing

First Timer’s Guide to Saving & Investing

With saving, you’ve got to start somewhere–and every penny counts. Untangle all the acronyms and find the perfect plan to help you reach your goals.


First Timer’s Guide to Retirement

There’s no better time to start saving than now. You work hard and deserve to enjoy retirement comfortably. Find out how to make it happen.


How to build a financial plan

Building a roadmap to meet your financial goals? This article breaks it down. When you're ready, you can connect with our financial experts and start .

Managing your finances

Start here to help get your finances on track

Budgeting can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to. Check out these articles and worksheets to help get you started.


Why track spending?

Tracking your spending habits isn’t about taking the fun out of life. It’s about getting a handle on your finances.


Household budget worksheet

Keeping a budget starts with tracking your spending. This handy worksheet can help.


Guide to budgeting

Think having a budget is not worth the effort? Our guide to budgeting can help you get started in 5 easy steps.

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Get more from East Coast CU products and services

Get many tasks accomplished right from your phone or computer. Read more about mobile wallet, locking your card, and handy e-transfers.

How to…

Add card to my mobile wallet

With a mobile wallet, payments are a tap away. Mobile wallet is compatible with Apple and Android devices. Learn how to add your cards.

How to…

Lock my card

A lost or stolen card can lead to all kinds of worries—and fraudulent charges. Stop fraud in its tracks in just a few taps.

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