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Your greener future starts here

It’s time to invest in a better future for you and your family. Our socially responsible investing portfolio options put your money where it can do good for you, and the world.

Key benefits:

  • Invest in socially and environmentally-responsible companies
  • Diversify your investments to weather market ups and downs
  • No risk to your principal investment
  • No fees or commissions

Key features:

  • Invest in pre-selected companies for the full term
  • Invest only in securities committed to environmentally sustainable operations
  • Available for registered plans
  • Flexible terms for 2 or 5 years

How it works

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Choose your term

Choose a guaranteed investment term of 2 or 5 years, also eligible for registered plans.

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Protect yourself against market downturns with your principal guaranteed.

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Diversify in global securities

Invest in companies carefully selected for their environmental awareness.

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Investment performance

Track and understand your performance with help from your investment advisor.

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Redeem on maturity

Receive a reminder that your investment is about to mature at the end of your term.

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Better Earth® Portfolio

Do good with your money

A “green” investment option that invests in companies with a proven, positive environmental record, the Better Earth Portfolio helps you save money and the planet.

  • Zero risk to your principal investment
  • No fees or commissions
  • A diversified basket of global securities
  • No fossil fuels, tobacco, or weapons

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Better Equality® Portfolio

Do good with your money

A social investment option that invests in companies with diversity policies and where women hold 30% of board seats, the Better Equity Portfolio helps you save money and support equality worldwide.

  • Zero risk to your principal investment
  • No fees or commissions
  • A diversified basket of global securities

Registered plans

Include this portfolio in your registered savings plans

Take advantage of tax savings and other benefits by adding this portfolio to these registered savings plan options:

  • Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)
  • Tax-free Savings Account (TFSA)

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Save for retirement and save on taxes in the meantime— this option can do it all.

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Manage retirement income by using the funds saved in your RRSP.

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Set money aside and watch it grow throughout your lifetime, tax-free.

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Term Deposits

Worry-free investments for long-term funds, and your peace of mind.

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Mutual Funds

Invest collectively in securities, and benefit from the income they generate.

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Start saving for your child’s education with added government benefits. .

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Investment advice

Work with an investment advisor

An investment advisor can help you make sense of investing, find the right stream for you, and get your portfolio off the ground.

  • Get started with responsible investing
  • Understand how responsible investing works
  • Improve your portfolio performance