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Debit Mastercard®

With the features of both a debit and credit card, Debit Mastercard allows you to shop online and in-store across the globe where Mastercard is accepted.


  • Spend your own money
  • Withdraw directly from your account
  • Make purchases in-store or online


  • No debt
  • No monthly payments
  • No interest

A better way to pay for the everyday


Pay for purchases up to $250 quickly and easily by holding your Debit Mastercard to an Interac Flash® enabled terminal, without having to insert your card or enter your PIN.


Shop online on any Canadian site that accepts Debit Mastercard.


Shop around the world, in-store and online, anywhere Mastercard is accepted.


Need an account?

Unlimited use

Preferred Plan

With unlimited transactions comes unlimited convenience. Feel free to make as many transactions as you want, online or in person.

Monthly fee:

  • $15.95
  • $8.50 Seniors (59+)
  • Free by maintaining a $4,000 balance
  • Free for 1 year for newcomers to Canada
Occasional use

Value Plan

You only make a few transactions a month, so why pay for more? Keep things simple with an everyday account that gives you what you need.

Monthly fee:

  • $4.00
  • Free for Seniors (59+)
  • Free with $2,000 min. monthly balance
Pay with your mobile wallet

Mobile wallet

Add to your mobile wallet

Load your card into Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or FitBit Pay for easy and convenient payments using tap from your smartphone.

Not the right fit for you?

Looking for premium rewards? Low rates? No annual fee? Cash back? Choose the credit card that best matches your budget and spending needs.

Credit Card

World Mastercard®

Turn everyday spending into a rewarding expierence and unlock premium rewards at top retailers with every dollar spent. 

Credit Card

Cash Back Mastercard®

It doesn't matter if you're buying groceries, gas or dining out. It all adds up to valuable cash back that can be redeemed as an account credit.