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Lease equipment and improve your cash flow

Whatever business you’re in, we’re in the business of helping you get the equipment you need, when you need it. With a cost-effective lease program, you can put your equipment to work for you.

Key benefits:

  • Lower payments
  • More available capital
  • Access to the latest equipment
  • Designed with your needs in mind

Suggested uses:

  • High-tech machinery
  • Computers and software
  • Mobile payment systems
  • Vehicles and transporation

Leasing equipment has its advantages

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Put less strain on your cash flow. With equipment leasing, you can get your hands on the equipment you need, even if you haven’t budgeted for it.

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Latest equipment

Say goodbye to outdated equipment. Leasing makes it easy to replace or upgrade at the end of the term so you always have the equipment you need.

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Preserve credit

Keep your existing credit available. When you lease, you get the equipment you need without using your other sources of credit.

Buying vs leasing

Should you buy or lease equipment?

Both have their advantages, but choosing one over the other comes down to what works best for your business. Before you buy or lease, it pays to consider your cash flow, business goals, and equipment needs.

Why buy equipment?

  • Can be cheaper over the life of the item
  • Can resell it in the future
  • Access to used or refurbished equipment

Why lease equipment?

  • Less cash required upfront
  • Upgrade equipment more frequently
  • Keep other sources of credit available

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Put your capital to work

Positive cash flow is critical for success and is a key indicator of your business' health.