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How to order cheques

How to

Order cheques

Whether it’s your first time or your twentieth, your credit union takes the hassle out of ordering your cheques. With just a handful of simple steps to follow, they’ll be in your hands before you know it.

How do I order cheques?

If you have previously ordered personal cheques with us, you can reorder your cheques by placing an online order through your member account or by calling our provider, Davis and Henderson, at 1-866-507-0600.

This process works only for personal cheques. To reorder business cheques, you can call Davis and Henderson directly at 1-866-507-0600 or you can call us in branch.

If you haven’t ordered cheques with us before, branch staff will need to assist you with your first order. To get set up to place your first order, please contact us.

Protect yourself with IDAssist®

When you purchase personal cheques from Davis and Henderson, you're automatically enrolled in IDAssist® and have access to an array of services to help you both protect your identity and, in the unfortunate event of an identity theft, assist you in quickly and effectively restoring your identity.

For more information on IDAssist®, click here.

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