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Take advantage of your RRSP contribution

Thinking about borrowing money to invest in an RRSP? Make a contribution ahead of the yearly deadline with an RRSP line of credit.

Key benefits

  • Easily apply only once
  • Take advantage of unused carry-forward RRSP amounts
  • Lump sum repayment available
  • Make extra payments with no penalty

Flexible options

  • Invest in East Coast CU RRSP products
  • Invest in mutual funds through Credential Asset Management Inc.
  • Simple phone call to initiate transfer request

Why an RRSP Line of Credit?

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Make up unused RRSP contributions

Make the most of your contribution limit and set yourself up for the future.

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Accelerate your retirement savings

Good things come to those who wait—and save. Use RRSPs to your advantage.

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Maximize your next RRSP contribution

This option allows for simple transfer to keep up with your yearly contribution.

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Protect against loss of income

Loan insurance can protect you and your family from the unexpected.

  • Protect your savings
  • Get peace of mind for you, your family, and your dependants
  • Cover expenses if your income reduces

Lines of credit vs loan

Considering an RRSP loan instead?

An RRSP loan is a one-time loan to maximize your RRSP contribution and help save on your taxes. An RRSP line of credit is a pre-approved borrowing limit you can use to borrow your annual contribution.

Why an RRSP line of credit?

  • Pre-agreed borrowing limit
  • Ability to re-borrow annually
  • Use and repay funds whenever you want

Why an RRSP loan?

  • Structured plan
  • Set monthly repayments
  • Finance a large one-time expense
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We’re here to help

Explore your RRSP line of credit options

Is an RRSP line of credit right for you? Our expert advisor Erin is here to help you.

  • Understand your options
  • Find the best solution for you
  • Discuss repayment terms
  • Build a retirement plan