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Updating my contact information

    How to

    Update my contact information on my account


    Change happens! You move into a new house, get a new cell phone number, or no longer have a land line in your home, or maybe you changed your email address.

    Why it is important to keep your contact information updated.

    It seems as though
    there is an infinite list of organizations to inform whenever you move or obtain a new phone number, move, or have a new email address. However, as your credit union, it is important that we have your most up-to-date contact information for various reasons.

    Updating your contact information will not only secure your account and protect you from fraudulent activities, it will also allow us to contact you and keep you informed on changes or anything relevant to your account and gives you access to new products and services that require your correct contact information to be on file.

    If you have changed your address, disconnected your landline, added a cell phone number, changed or added an email address or maybe even changed your name, we want to hear from you!


    Make the change


    Updating your contact information not only will secure your accounts and protect you from fraudulent activities but also allows us to have a reliable means to reach out to you and keep you informed on anything relevant to your account.

    Update your contact information in 6 easy steps:

    1. log into to your account on a computer*
    2. select Profile and Preferences from the menu on the left
    3. select Change Contact Information
    4. complete the form, confirm & submit.

    You're done! For assistance updating your details, please call 1-866-230-7700 during business hours.

    *Can only be completed in the full version of online banking, accessed by logging in on the website.

    Canada Post standards

    Most online vendors utilize Canada Post address look-up for online purchases. Members trying to order items online may experience issues if the address East Coast Credit Union has on file does not match the address in the Canada post look-up for the vendor.

    In an effort to reduce member impact, we are looking to clean up our address data. Please note, each joint member under an account will have their own address which will need to be accurate, this includes both the primary and joint member.

    Correct address formats

    To avoid unnecessary delays or surcharges, follow these addressing guidelines:

      • Write STREET ADDRESS in uppercase letters.
      • Write POSTAL CODES in uppercase letters and separate the first 3 characters from the last 3 characters with 1 space. (No hyphens please. These can cause delays)
      • Place the municipality, province or territory and postal code on the same line.
      • Separate the municipality from the province (or territory) with 1 space; separate the province (or territory) from the postal code with 2 spaces.
      • Don't use punctuation unless it is part of a proper name, e.g., ST. JOHN'S.

    When updating your address, please note:

    • 'RR #' no longer complies with Canada Post standards.
    • 'PO Box' no longer complies with Canada Post standards and should be replaced by the civic address.
    • Punctuation no longer complies with Canada Post standards.

    Need assistance?

    Email: Call: 1-866-230-7700

    Or call or visit your branch. Find my branch


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