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Boards and Elections

Overview of the 2023 Director Nomination and AGM

East Coast Credit Union held its Annual General Meeting on April 18, 2023. A recording of the meeting is available here.

During the business meeting, highlights of 2022 were shared, along with the 2022 Financial Statement, and our Board of Directors election results were released.

We have 12 Board member positions, and this year, four of those positions were up for re-election. Seven candidates presented themselves as nominees. We would like to thank all the nominees who submitted their application and expressed interest in serving on our Board of Directors.

Thank you to all our members who participated in our electronic in-branch and online voting process and who joined us at our Annual General Meeting this year.


Congratulations to the four successful candidates who will serve on our Board of Directors:


John Berk

John was re-elected to the Board as a director at this year’s annual meeting. As a member of the Board from 2019-2022, John brings governance experience, as well as many years of business and management experience, to his role as director. He understands that collaboration, communication and respecting the role and duties are vital to be a fully active member.


Corinne Carey

Corinne is serving her first term as a Board member. She has a passion for financial literacy and retirement planning. Through her participation on two provincial Board of Trustees, she gained experience in governance, plan investment, human resources, legal, audit and actuarial issues. Corrine is currently employed by the NS Government & General Employees Union.


Dan Fougere

Dan was re-elected to the Board as a director at this year’s AGM after serving as a director and member of several board committees for the past nine years. Dan has completed the requirements of the Credit Union Director Achievement Program, and as a chartered accountant, brings with him many years of experience in financial budgeting and reporting, operational analysis, strategic planning and corporate governance. He is the Director of Finance with the Sisters of Saint Martha in Antigonish.


Melanie Sampson

Melanie was re-elected to the Board as a director and has been an active member of the Board since 2010. Melanie has a passion for co-operatives and has been a credit union member her entire life and a member of East Coast Credit Union for over 28 years. Melanie is both a Faculty member teaching accountant at the NSCC Strait Area Campus and a self-employed provider of accounting services to a variety of personal and business clients.


Stay tuned for more information on the Board of Directors Election in 2024!



Are you eligible to vote?

*Share balance of not less than $5. The Credit Union Act 71(1) and 71(2) does not allow owners to vote more than once per question or to vote by proxy. If a corporation or association is a member of East Coast Credit Union, the Credit Union shall recognize an individual to represent the corporation or association by a resolution of the directors of the governing body of the corporation or association. 

Every member who is 18 years of age and over, and in good standing* is entilted to vote.

Why Should I Vote?

Please view our Director Elections Q&A for more information on why your vote counts, how to get to know and evaluate the candidates, and why the Board matters to you and your community! Our members involvement and engagement is critical in maintaining East Coast Credit Union’s success, and in shaping the future direction of this progressive, dynamic, and caring organization. East Coast Credit Union’s Board of Directors is built on leadership, dedication and excellence.

Director Elections Q&A

Are you eligible to serve as a director?

Click here to review the eligibility criteria for directors.

What is the Nominations Committee?

Each year, the Board of Directors appoints a Nominations Committee, which reports directly to the membership at the AGM. The committee makes its best efforts to identify and encourage nominations from eligible members that are representative of the diversity of the credit union, and who possess the skills, knowledge and expertise required to serve on the Board of Directors. The Committee reviews the nominations to ensure the nominees are eligible candidates for the Board of Directors. 

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