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2020 Board of Directors Call for Nominations

Be a part of something bigger!

Every year, East Coast Credit Union holds its Board of Directors Election for available director positions. Members are invited to run as a candidate in the election, and to vote for candidates who will represent the membership as a Board member.

Are you interested in becoming a Director? Would you like to nominate someone?

For the 2020 Board of Directors election process, there are four vacancies and members will elect candidates to fill four positions for a three-year term. A minimum of two sponsors are required and both sponsors must be East Coast Credit Union members.

Please see the nominations package details outlined in our Official Invitation to Apply. To put forward your name as a candidate, please submit a completed nominations package to your local East Coast Credit Union branch by close of business day February 27th, 2020.

Please view our Election Calendar for key activities and timelines throughout the election process.

Overview of the Director Nomination and Election Process - 2020

  1. Call for Nominations for the position of Director (January 30th)
  2. Call for Nominations closes and all completed Nomination packages submitted (February 27th)
  3. Nominations Committee approves the candidates (March 5th)
  4. List of approved candidates posted in all branches and on the ECCU website (includes candidate’s biography and photograph) (March 16th)
  5. Voting Period (online and electronic in-branch) (March 19th – April 9th)
  6. Election ends; results of election announced at the Annual General Meeting (April 14th)

Our members involvement and engagement is critical in maintaining East Coast Credit Union’s success, and in shaping the future direction of this progressive, dynamic, and caring organization. East Coast Credit Union’s Board of Directors is built on leadership, dedication and excellence.

Who is Eligible to become a Director?

Are you Eligible to Vote? Click here to find out.

Every member who is 19 years of age and over, and in good standing* is entitled to one vote.

*Share balance of not less than $5. The Credit Union Act 71(1) and 71(2) does not allow owners to vote more than once per question or to vote by proxy. If a corporation or association is a member of East Coast Credit Union, the Credit Union shall recognize an individual to represent the corporation or association by a resolution of the directors of governing body of the corporation or association.

What is the Nominations Committee?

Each year, the Board of Directors appoints a Nominations Committee, which reports directly to the membership at the AGM. The committee makes its best efforts to identify and encourage nominations from eligible members that are representative of the diversity of the credit union, and who possess the skills, knowledge and expertise required to serve on the Board of Directors. The Committee reviews the nominations to ensure the nominees are eligible candidates for the Board of Directors.


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