Loose Change XChange

Exchange your change for cash

No need to sort, roll, or count coin anymore with this new self-serve machine available at our Antigonish branch.

Whether you are a non-profit organization with change raised at a fundraiser, a small business owner with daily change to deposit, or an individual with a change jar that is overflowing on your dresser, this is just one more service that we hope will make your life easier.

How it works

The machine is easy to use, fast and low cost. During our regular business hours you can simply place your loose change into the machine located in our ATM/Self Service area and it will automatically count the coin and provide you with a receipt for the funds. At your convenience, you take the receipt to one of our financial service representatives in the branch for a reimbursement or to have the funds deposited into your account.


Members in Personal Account Packages : FREE
Members Not in Account Packages & Commercial Members: 5%
Non-Members: 10%

*Fees subject to change without notice


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