Loans and Lines of Credit

Let's face it, life can be expensive. Sometimes you need access to additional funds for things like tuition, housing, transportation or emergencies. Smart borrowing makes sense and we have the products and advice to help.

A student line of credit is an affordable way to make continuing education possible. Students can borrow to assist with the cost of attending a post-secondary educational institution, including community college, university, or technical school and it allows you the flexibility to take out and pay back portions of your loan whenever you want.

  • Student lines of credit available for both full and part-time students.
  • Convenient, affordable interest-only payments while in attendance.
  • Competitive rates of interest and flexible repayment schedules to meet a students needs.
  • Repayment  will commence in the form of blended payments of principal and interest twelve months after course completion.
  • Amortization to a maximum of 15 years (if over $25,000). Credit Cards are available for convenient access.

Line-of-credit means you apply once and advance funds as needed. You pay interest only on amount used.

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Check out options for provincial and federal student loans and grants

Finding the best options for financing your education can be overwhelming. You may qualify for federal and provincial government loans and portions of these may come to you in the form of a grant that you don't have to pay back so we strongly encourage you to research these options as well. Take advantage of the useful tools available on these websites to help you calculate estimated loan amounts and plan for making repayments once you are done school. Our number one priority is getting you that all important education with as little debt as possible.

Nova Scotia Student Loan and Grant Information

Canada Student Grants - Nova Scotia residents are not elibile for student loans through the federal government of Canada, but may still be eligible for Canada federal grants.


Money that I don't have to pay back?  Sounds good doesn't it?  There are lots of scholarships out there for the taking for students. Make sure you keep your ears and eyes open for scholarship opportunities and talk to your school councelors or financial aid offices to stay up-to-date on what is available. Here are a few resources that may make the scholarship search and education financing a little easier:

East Coast Credit Union Bursaries

Atlantic Credit Union Bursary Program