Mobile/Modular Home Mortgage

At East Coast Credit Union, we understand that homes come in all shapes and sizes and we want to help you find the home that’s right for you. Whether you are purchasing a mobile home, duplex, townhouse, condo, or single detached home we have a mortgage to suit your needs.

Information to consider when purchasing a mobile home:

  • Minimum 5% down is required when financing through CMHC, with 25 year amortization.
  • You may purchase a new or used mobile home.
  • Location: mobile homes can be financed on their own lot of land or within a mobile home park.
  • Amortizations can vary depending on the age of the mobile home.
  • Payment options to suit your lifestyle; monthly, semi-monthly, biweekly, weekly payments.
  • Property taxes can be collected and paid each year by East Coast Credit Union on behalf of the owner upon request (Municipality fee if applicable).
  • Peace of Mind Protection is available; creditor life, disability, critical illness, loss of employment insurance.
Special rates for those interested in mobile home mortgages. Click here for rates.

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