New Website Coming Soon

This is where you connect with us the most, and we want to be at our best. We put a great deal of thought into who we are and how you see and interact with us, and this influenced everything about our new website. The new site will launch in May and provide an improved experience that is more accessible and modern for everyone.

Don't worry, there's nothing you need to do. Access to your banking products and services won't change and you can connect with us as you normally would.

Frequently asked questions

What is changing? Expand/Collapse

Our website,, is getting a complete refresh.

Why is it changing? Expand/Collapse

We are always looking for ways to improve our members’ experience. The new website will offer a more modern look and feel and improve useability for all visitors.

When will the new site go live? Expand/Collapse

The new website will launch in May.

What will the change look like? Expand/Collapse

The new website is easier to read, has more pictures, and better shows off who we are and what we do. We’ve improved and modernized the website by making it more accessible, responsive on all devices, and easier to navigate to find what you need.

Will there be any disruptions to my account? Expand/Collapse

No. Access to online banking will be unaffected.

Will members have to re-enter their login credentials? Expand/Collapse

Members’ memorized account information should remain intact. Please notify us right away if you have any challenges logging into your account.

Will the new website use 2-Step Verification? Expand/Collapse

Yes, the new website will continue to use 2-Step Verification.

Will I have to re-set my 2-Step Verification credentials? Expand/Collapse

Your 2-Step Verification information should remain intact. Please notify us right away if you have any challenges logging into your account.

Will my current bookmarks still work? Expand/Collapse

No. The new website is organized differently and, therefore, old bookmarked links will no longer work.

What about the East Coast Credit Union mobile app? Expand/Collapse

A new version of the mobile app will be available soon. If you have automatic updates turned off, you will need to go into your App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Google) and update the app.

If you do not install the update before the new website is launched, your app will stop working until you update it.

What if I have other questions? Expand/Collapse

Please call 1-866-230-7700, email, or visit your local branch if you have any questions.